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Our Best Wedding Flower Hacks

Yep, you heard that right. These are our favorite insider tips from doing over 450 weddings -- we've seen it all, and we're here to share the same secrets we share with our clients. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to have your mind blown... and save some money!

First up - wedding cakes!

Hack #1 - Sam's $25 Wedding Cake

Bigger isn't always better, and when it comes to cakes, a trend we're seeing that can save you tons of money is going with a small, simple, white cake from Sam's Club.

These cakes run about $25, but with the right flowers and greenery, they can look like a million bucks. We've used this trick with mega-budget brides in the priciest of venues and tiny-budget brides in back-water halls.

Add a simple, elevated stand, and there's no stopping this killer of a cake.

No matter your vibe or circumstances, your guests will be blown away by this cake, and you'll smile all the way to your honeymoon knowing you saved big bucks.

Hack #2 - Laid Greens on your Head Table

A huge trend right now is to have a long Feast Table with a lush, show stopping garland running the length of it. But these garlands can be super expensive, especially when they're loaded down with flowers.

Save yourself the cost of a thick garland, and do laid greens instead.

This option allows you to add a variety of greens (think cost efficient here as most brides love eucalyptus, but that's the most expensive green) and still get that rich look you love.

And by using laid greens, you actually get a fuller, more texture-filled look (think expensive!) that can include both vertical and horizontal greens and flowers which add dimension and vibrancy.

For a stunner of a head table that won't break the bank, save some money and go with laid greens.

Hack #3 - Enhance Your Aisle with Re-Usable Vessels

On your wedding day, you want all eyes to be on you. If you rely on an old artist's trick and use perspective, you can lead everyone's eyes down the aisle after you, and also save some money at the same time.

Line the aisle with lanterns or candles or flower bundles that will be used again at the reception.

Think double duty for these hard-working pieces. Have a friend or family member gather these items up after the ceremony and move them to your reception.


That's it for our favorite hacks! Happy wedding planning, and remember, you can have a lush, elegant wedding look for less money if you just know a few insider tips and tricks :-).

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