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Corsage Decisions: Wrist vs. Pin-On

Once you've chosen a florist to help make your wedding dreams come true, one of the first things you'll do is meet with him to outline the various flowers you'll need for your big day. But before you go to that meeting, you'll want to think about how best to honor those women who are most important to you - everyone from moms to readers to officiants.

File this one in the most asked questions column.

Should you get wrist corsages or pin-ons to honor the women you want to recognize ?

Think about the kind of corsages you like to wear. Think about the dresses those women will be wearing on your special day. Nine times out of ten, they'll have on beautiful, elegant dresses - dresses that are made of silk or organza or lace. Maybe even strapless dresses. Is there a place to pin a corsage on the dress she'll likely be wearing? Will the fabric be sturdy enough to hold a pin-on corsage or will it pull, gap or maybe even tear?

Each week we see women who love to receive flowers for the big day. As we take the corsages out of the box, mom's get a gleam in their eyes and grandmas are taken back to their own wedding day. But if there isn't a great place to pin a corsage on, or if their dress won't accommodate a pin, women are disappointed.

Pin-ons can be a challenge.  It's tough to maneuver a wrap or delicate material.

Take this mom, for example. She loved her flowers, but It's tough to work around a wrap and a delicate dress. Plus, I'll guarantee she's going to be doing a lot of hugging today.

When you have a pin-on corsage, you have to always be careful about how you hug and how hard you hug. That's not something you want to have to worry about on your daughter's wedding day.

But when we tell moms and grandmas they'll be getting a wrist corsage, they really light up. There are no worries. The flowers aren't impacted by their dress - even if it's long sleeved - and women are glad they can dance the night away and hug unimpeded for the entire day.

So.... our best advice?

Celebrate the women in your life who will be sharing this day with you. Think about how you like to wear flowers. Maybe even ask mom or grandma what kind of flowers they'd like. But at the end of the day, if you're still on the fence, go for the wrist.

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