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Feast Table Garland: Make Your Head Table Pop

Feast tables are super hot right now in the wedding world. It seems like everyone's including them in their wedding reception plans, but they can be tricky. Do you want narrow or wide, tall or short,

Today I'm going to talk about 2 ways we've helped our brides personalize their tables while still keeping the feel of their whole wedding party being close together. I'm also going to list out a few questions that will help you decide exactly which option is best for you.

Question #1 - How long will your table be? If you have a big wedding party, your feast table will probably be pretty large. Long tables look amazing when you emphasize the horizontal line running down the center. What's the best way to personalize a big long table like this? Is it by adding flowers to your garland or sprinkling bud vases in the greens?

Option #1 - Garland and laid greens. Garland is soft, romantic, easy to personalize depending on your flower choices, and can be custom made. It smells amazing on a dinner table and gives a fresh, detailed look to your room, especially when flower bundles are included at each place setting. Another option if you're not a full-on garland kind of person is to place cut greens along the center of the table. The greens won't be as tall or wide as a length of garland, and they can be placed exactly where you want them - also around vases or candles for a more romantic look.

Question #2 - Will people be seated on both sides of your table? If your wedding party will be facing out towards the room rather than facing each other across the table, you'll have more space for unusual details. With a 1-sided table, you can do something a little more unexpected.

Option #2 - Candle Gardens. A lush, full spray of candles in various heights and sizes can add not only light, but also ambiance and romance to a room. If you want to place greens between the candles to cover the tablecloth and create a mini candle garden, that's even better. As well, if you only have people seated on one side, your garland can cascade down the side of your table, adding elegance and dimension to your feast table.

Bottom line, garland is a great way to personalize your feast table and your wedding space. It can make your decor pop and add charm to your venue in ways you hadn't imagined. (photo courtesy of Jessica Lauren Photography)

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