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Vary Centerpiece Heights for the Wow!

I don't know about you, but I love a good burger. Grilled to perfection and slathered in sauce, the lowly hamburger is quite tasty. But I'm never quite satisfied with that. Add in some pickles, a little lettuce, a slice of tomato, and my mouth starts to water.

Reception flowers are like that.

Lots of brides come to us wanting a single type of centerpiece for their reception. They think lantern rings or wine bottle blooms or baby's breath balls will do it for them. But I'd ask you to consider the burger. No one's mouth starts watering over a plain burger, no matter how well grilled it is. You need the condiments to take it to the next level.

You need different arrangements in different heights to make your reception flowers do the same thing. And make your guests go wow.

One of the best ways to help your guests feel like you've added in all the extra toppings is to make sure you have at least three different types of arrangements. And at least three different heights of flowers in the room.

By using a few tall arrangements around the edges of the room - or, if you have a long room, by lining up tall, lush arrangements on a feast table down the middle - you'll have that wow factor.

But the party doesn't end there. Throw in a few grilled onions for that extra pizzazz.

Give your guests' a reason to look down at the table favors or place cards - at your beautiful place settings or golden chargers - by including a medium sized arrangement.

Depending on the size of your tall vases or containers, medium arrangements can be anywhere from fairly large and extravagant to low and round. Think Maul's BBQ sauce or Sriracha!

One of our favorite medium arrangements right now uses gold compotes. We love the way they look, and they add an elegant, pampered vibe to your tables. They're bring the heat to your burger.

Lanterns can also be a good medium option. They're super hot right now, they add light to your space and make it sparkle. And they can easily go from elegant to rustic and everything in between.

To complete the celebration, include a few low arrangements that add texture and scent. People love to get up close and personal with your flowers, and there's no better place than low arrangements. They bring a little bit of your bouquet right to the table, and invite your guests to sit, eat and enjoy. This is the buttered, toasted bun.

Anything from garland to geometric globes to masses of small bud vases works great here. The more creative and sensory you can get, the better.

So. What's our go-to advice when it comes to reception flowers? Remember the burger. Include at least 3 different heights of arrangements.

Add in the pickles, onions and tomato - a low, medium and tall arrangement - and it'll give you that wow factor that will keep people talking about your wedding - and your flowers - for decades to come.



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