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Wreaths: They're Not Just for Christmas!

With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, we're in full-on holiday mode. We're loving all the greens and holly and cedar - everything smells so good and reminds us of chilly days sipping a cup of hot cocoa by the fire.

But think about it a minute.

All those warm, cozy feelings - isn't that the way you want your guests to feel on your big day? Isn't that the way YOU want to feel?

Flowers and greens and styling all work together to create emotion and convey a certain feel when you walk in a room. A whiff of pine needles can take you back to sledding down a hillside when you were 5, or the scent of Rosemary (one of our FAVORITE things - they knock our socks off in boutonnieres!) can whisk you back to your grandmother's kitchen

Wreaths can do the same thing.

They're not just for holidays, although we tend to absolutely fall in love with them this time of year, they bring a sense of family and comfort and balance to any space. Or any day.

And they don't have to be big and lush. They can ring a lantern or be the size of a floral crown.They can be hung on a door post or welcome sign, or be even smaller and left at each place setting.

Sometimes a simple touch can be all it takes to remind your guests they're someplace special, that this is a day to help you celebrate.

So when you're planning the look and feel of your big day, don't forget about wreaths. They're a simple thing that can make a big impact on the most wonderful day of your lives.

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