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Need to know: The Difference Between a day of coordinator and an event coordinator

By Petal Pushers STL April 11, 2023

It's your wedding day. You've spent months, if not years, dreaming of and planning for this day. But you probably haven't thought of who's going to take care of all those little details during your day that inevitably will come up.

Most brides initially hope their moms or sisters or even Maids of Honor will be able to coordinate on their wedding day. But trust me, you're going to want these women to be free to celebrate with you and enjoy the day. You don't want them lugging bouquets around or dealing with putting placecards on dinner tables.

Which is where a coordinator comes in.

But who do you need to hire?

Believe it or not, there are differences between the people who are out there to help you. If you're intentional about your choices, you can make a great decision and find the coordinator who is best for you.

Day of Coordinator - This person will reserve your date on her calendar, but probably doesn't do a lot of up-front work. She'll take care of the details that day like putting special things out on your dinner tables, pinning on bouts and placing corsages if need be, moving florals from church to your recpetion hall after your ceremony, being a steady spirit and running interference to make sure there isn't any family drama that impacts you, making sure the vendors have everything they need to make your day perfect, running to get a forgotten bow tie or adding a safety pin if something splits open. Bottom line, this person is here to serve you, insulate you from stress, and make sure your day runs smoothly and beautifully with a happy, giving spirit. Usually a Day of Coordinator charges less than an Event Coordinator because they implement your plans and vision

Event Coordinator - This person works with you to create a cohesive look and plan for your wedding and reception. She will take care of designing tablescapes, designing lighting, pipe and drape, choosing the right color table cloth and coordinating napkin, and designing the way people will know where to sit at your reception. You'll probably meet with her multiple times before your wedding, and on your wedding day, she'll be there to coordinate the vendor deliveries, make sure the room looks the way it's supposed to, and make sure everything runs according to schedule. She's there to execute the vision, not necesarrily to help you with personal details. An Event Coordinator usually charges more than a Day of Coordinator because you're paying for their design skills and vendor connections.

Bottom line, think about what services you'll need on your big day to help you feel pampered and celebrated. Interview and talk to lots of different coordinators. Ask friends for recommendations. Trust your gut.

If you find someone you click with, someone who you know will have your back and lead your team with your best interests in mind, book her for your date.

We tell brides all the time that hiring a coordinator will be some of the best money they'll ever spend for their wedding.


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