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Coral - That Elusive, Brilliant Color

In the flower world, there are many versions of coral. One bride's perfect coral may be more pink based, while another bride's dream coral is more orange.

Wait. You didn't realize there were different versions of coral? Oh, we need to talk.

This distinction may not even be on your radar, but in the flower world, trust me, it's very real.

Picture a subtle gray bridesmaid's dress.

Against this backdrop, a more orange coral like what we're working on here would be stunning. The stability of the gray would make the orange pop, and the bouquets would be breathtaking.

But, what if you're not a gray girl? What if you're into blue, and you really love the way coral looks against blue? or maybe even Tiffany Blue? Well, you have 2 options.

You can go with a more pink coral, like the bride did here. The colors will look amazing against dresses and tablecloths. And if you keep the other colors in the bouquets neutral, the pink coral will make the blues of the dresses even more spectacular.

Confused yet?

Don't be.

If you're a true coral lover, don't let the color choices rock your world. Go big and include BOTH an orange based coral AND a pink based coral in your bouquets like this bride did. Look how those colors pop against the backdrop of the gray background AND our blue delivery vehicle.

Bottom line, there are no wrong choices here. It's your wedding!

Know there are different variations of that elusive, brilliant coral color, and when you talk wedding flowers with your florist, have a great conversation about what YOUR dream coral looks like.

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